You can visit the presentations and other programs of P-AGE 2008 FREE, except for the Abstract Theatre on 14th June, the morning workshop on 16th June, and the excursions on 16th and 17th June, other programs that require registration. You can order tickets for the latter in e-mail, or buy on the spot.

The P-AGE...

The Pécs – Ars GEometrica (P-AGE) programme would like to draw attention to borderline cultural phenomena that promote the development of creative thinking, intellectual curiosity together with aesthetic sensibilities. It establishes connections between various forms of knowledge and methods that promote artistic and scientific achievements, and between cultural patterns of different types and uses. P-AGE presents the interplay between art and science in terms of opening - with regard to freedom of research and self-expression. Its aim is to evoke the traditional and contemporary values of art and science to become vivid community values. Our presenters and participants from various fields of scientific disciplines and arts are internationally renowned.

Registration for 2009, later.

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